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Altamira Cave Paintings
Badarian Culture
Britain separates from mainland Europe
Catal Huyuk
Cattle domesticated (Sahara, Africa)
Chauvet cave, France
City of Eridu
Cro-Magnons replaced by later cultures
Domestication of chickens (China)
Domestication of dogs (Middle East)
Domestication of goats (Jericho, Mesopotamia)
Evidence of use of domesticated grains
First known pottery - (Jomon, Japan)
First pottery (China)
First use of metallurgy (Middle East)
Horse domesticated on the steppes of the Ukraine
Invention of the bow and arrow
Jericho is founded
Lascaux cave paintings
Last Ice Age
Maize domesticated in Mexica
Millet farming (China)
Permanent villages (Zagros Mountains, Turkey)
Rising sea levels began to submerge coastal area
Ubaid Cultures
Use of wild rice
Village of Ban Po in China
Wet rice farming (China)

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