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Adam Smith publishes The Wealth of Nations.
American War of Independence
Cardinal Fleury governs France
Deaths of Voltaire and Rousseau
First volume of the Encyclopedie is published
Frederick the Great of Prussia
Great Northern War
Immanuel Kant publishes Critique of Pure Reason
Karl XII, King of Sweden
Montesquieu publishes his Spirit of the Laws
Reign of King Stanislas Poniatowski
Reign of Maria Theresa of Austria
Religious warfare in Switzerland
Rousseau's Social Contract and Emile
Seven Year War
Voltaire publishes Candide
War of Austrian Succession
War of Jenkin's Ear
War of Polish Succession
War of Spanish Succession
French-Indian Wars and Seven Years War
American War of Independence
Great Northern War
War of Polish Succession
War of Spanish Succession

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