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Age of Liberalism
Anglo-Zulu Wars
Australia Becomes a Commonwealth
Boy Scout troop was organized in England
Britain's Queen Victoria died
Einstein Proposes His Theory of Relativity
First Boer War
First railway line is built in India
First Sino-Japanese war
Ford Introduces the Model-T
Greenwich Mean Time Adopted
Henry Ford Creates Assembly Line
India National Congress Party is founded
Italian-Ottoman Empire War
Otto von Bismarck is Prime Minister of Prussia.
Panama Canal Officially Opened
Second Boer War
Sinking of the Titanic
Suez Canal is completed
Suffragette dies under King's horse at Epsom
The German Empire is formed
The Great Exhibition in England
The Kingdom of Italy is proclaimed
The Labour Party is established
Union of South Africa is formed
Universal adult suffrage in Australia
Nation Building
The 1900's
The 1910's

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