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Anglo-Zulu Wars
British Crown takes over the Indian Government
British Raj
Commodore Perry opens up Japanese ports
Crimean War
Disraeli buys Suez Canal Shares
Falklands annexed by Britain
First Anglo-Afghan War
First Indian War of Independence
First Opium War
First railway line is built in India
Franco-Prussian War
French Conquest of Chad
Great Britian abolishes the slave trade
India National Congress Party is founded
Italy annexes Rome
Mexican-American War
Napoleonic Wars
Otto von Bismarck is Prime Minister of Prussia.
Queen Victoria is named Empress of India
Rebellions in Canada and New Zealand
Second Anglo-Afghan War
Second Boer War
Second Opium War (Arrow War)
South Australia becomes a province
Spanish-American War
Spanish-Chilean War
Suez Canal is completed
The Berlin Conference
The German Empire is formed
The Kingdom of Italy is proclaimed
Third Anglo-Afghan War
Treaty of Kanagawa
U.S. acquires Alaska from Russia
Union of South Africa is formed
Zanzibar closes its slave market

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