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2nd Hay-Pauncefote Treaty
Assassination of Alexander, king of Serbia
Australia Becomes a Commonwealth
Birmingham University founded
Boy Scout troop was organized in England
Bristol University founded
Britain's Queen Victoria died
British cruiser Invincible was completed
Carlos I of Portugal assassinated
Committee of Imperial Defense
Congo Reform Association was born
Daily Mirror was first published
Education (Administrative Provision) Act
Education (Provision of Meals) Act
Education Act set up state Grammar Schools
Edward VII of England visited Czar Nicholas II
Edward VII was crowned king of England
Einstein Proposes His Theory of Relativity
Elkins Act passed
Ferdinand I proclaimed emperor of Bulgaria
First airplane flight in England
First Electric Washing Machine
First Empire day celebrated
First Flight at Kitty Hawk
First Message to Travel Around the World
First Nobel Prizes Awarded
First Rolls-Royce car
First Rugby match played at Twickenham
First Silent Movie, The Great Train Robbery
First Trans-Atlantic Radio Signal
First World Series
Ford Introduces the Model-T
Foundation of the British Academy
Founding of the Automobile Association (AA)
Freud Publishes His Theory of Sexuality
Great White Fleet embarks on world tour
Greenwich Foot Tunnel was constructed
Ground Broken on Panama Canal
Hay-Pauncefote Treaty
Imperial Service Order (ISO) instituted
Invention of agricultural tractor
Italian King Assassinated
Japan formed an alliance with England
Japan's Prince Ito is Assassinated
Kellogg's Starts Selling Corn Flakes
Kodak Introduces $1 Brownie Cameras
Labour Representative Committee formed
Leeds University founded
Liverpool University founded
London Symphony Orchestra founded
Lt. Shackleton found the magnetic South Pole
Max Planck Formulates Quantum Theory
Mount Pelée Erupts
Muslim league established in India
NAACP is Founded
National Library of Wales founded
National Museum of Wales founded
National Sunday School Union formed
New York City Subway Opens
New Zealand granted Dominion Status
Old Age Pensions Act
Parliament passed the War Loan Act
Picasso Introduces Cubism
Plague in India
Plastic is Invented
Platt Amendment passed
Queen Mum was born in Scotland
Royal Navy Training School
San Francisco Earthquake
Setting up of the Board of Education
Sheffield University founded
Sinn Fein founded in Ireland
Steamer Hilda sank in English Channel
Teddy Roosevelt becomes president
The 1900's
The Balfour Education Act passed
The Dreadnought Launched
The Teddy Bear is Introduced
The Territorial Army formed
Trans-Siberian Railway Completed
Typhoid Mary Captured for the First Time
U.S. Passes the Chinese Exclusion Act
U.S. President McKinley Assassinated
Universal adult suffrage in Australia
Workers' Educational Association formed

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