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Assassination of Russian Premier
British troops invaded the streets of Dublin
Federal Reserve Act passed
First Official Secrets Act
Fisher's education Act
Greenwich Mean Time Adopted
Halley's Comet Makes an Appearance
Henry Ford Creates Assembly Line
Home Rule (for Ireland) Bill passed
Influenza Epidemic
Leon Beron found on Clapham Common
MI5 founded
Mona Lisa is Stolen
Nancy Astor the first Woman MP
Panama Canal Officially Opened
Parachutes Invented
Radon discovered
Royal Flying Corps formed
Royal National Institute for the Deaf
Sinking of the Titanic
Standard Oil Company Broken Up
Suffragette dies under King's horse at Epsom
Suffragettes stormed Parliament in London
The 1910's
U.S. Federal Trade Commission established
U.S. Public Health Service is established
Women's Institute started in Britain
Women's Land Army formed
Zeppelin LII exploded over London

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