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The First Crusade
Almohads defeated by Christians
Alphonso I becomes first king of Portugal
Baltic Sea froze
Benedictine Abbey of Cluny is founded
Boleslav I of Poland creates a powerful state
Bubonic plague or Black Death reaches Europe
Bulgars, settle in lands south of the Danube
Charlemagne 's Frankish Empire breaks up
Charlemagne becomes king of the Franks
Conquest of Genghis Khan
End of Great Schism in Catholic church
England banned football
First Capetian king of France
Hanseatic League formed around Baltic
Hundred Year War
Iceland and Greenland come under Norwegian rule
Italian towns become city states
Jacquerie Revolt
Jews were expelled from Zurich
Magyars invade Europe
Mieszko I founds kingdom of Poland
Mission of St. Augustine to England
Norman armies conquer Sicily
Norman Conquest of Britain
Papal court moves to Avignon
Peasants Revolt in England
Philip II Augustus rules France
Pope crowns Charlemagne Emperor of Rome
Portugal achieves independence from Spain
Reign of Otto The Great, king of Germany
Scottish Wars of Independence
Sequins coined in Venice, Italy
Slavic tribes begin settlement
Slavs inhabit most of Eastern Central Europe
Spanish kingdoms of Castile and LeŠn unite
Stephen I becomes King of Hungary
The Black Death

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The Black Death
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Teutonic Knights

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