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Apartheid in South Africa
Bloody Sunday massacre in Ireland
Britain had developed its own atomic bomb
Britain joins the EEC
Building of the Berlin Wall
Cold War
Common Market (EEC) is Established
Cuban Missile Crisis
Cultural Revolution in China
Falklands War
Forming of the Warshaw Pact
Gulf War
Hong Kong Returned to China
India explodes first nuclear device
Indian Independence
Iran-Iraq War
Israel War of Independence
Korean War
Lebanon's Civil War
Maastricht Treaty agreed
Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated
Neil Armstrong walks on the moon
Oslo Accord
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) formed
Palistine Intifada begins
Re-union of Germany
SAS storms Iranian embassy in London
Single European Act
Societ Occupation of Afghanistan
Solidarity, formed in Poland
Soviets successfully test hydrogen bomb
The Rome Treaties
The Space Race
Three Mile Island nuclear reactor incident
Tiananmen Square Massacre
U.S. Apollo 8 orbits moon
United Nations is officially born
Vietnam: Second Indochina War
Watergate break-in occurs
World Trade Center Bombed
Yugoslavian Civil War
International Orgainisations
Science and Technology
Social Movements
Terrorism in the Modern World
The 1950's
The 1960's
The 1970's
The 1980's
The 1990's
The Cold War
Conflicts since World War Two

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