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Aden independence
Algeria finally becomes independent
Algeria gains independence from France
Arab uprisings in Palestine
Australia becomes a Dominion
Belgian Congo is given independence
British East Africa becomes Kenya
Brunei Independent
Burma gains independence
China given back Hong Kong
Congo is granted independence from Belgium
Cyprus becomes a colony
Dominica Independent
Dominion status to South Africa
Egyptian Independence
Fiji and Tongan Independence
First apartheid legistlation in South Africa
First Arab-Israeli War
Gandhi leads Salt March
Ghana is first independent African nation
Government of India Act
Independence for Botswana, Gambia and Lesotho
Independence for Kenya and Zanzibar
Independence for Papua New Guinea
Independence of Grenada
India and Pakistan are independent
Iraq becomes an independent nation
King Farouk is overthrown in Egypt
Libya becomes independent
Mau Mau rebellion suppressed by the British
New Zealand tuns into a Dominion
Nigeria becomes independent
Organization for African Unity is formed
Philippines are granted independence
Quit India movements
Troops leave Sudan and Egypt
Troops take Syria and Palestine
Tunisia becomes independent of France
United Arab Republic is formed
Zimbabwean Independence

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