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AIDS virus identified
Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin
Bacteria discovered
Blood Circulation discovered by William Harvey
Causes of Malaria discovered
De formato foetu
Different blood grouping dicovered
Digitalis used to treat heart disease
Dipheria Bacillus discovered
Discovery of Viroids
Edward Jenner examines vaccinations
Electro-convulsive therapy
Enzyme term first used
Fabrici discovers valves in veins
Felix Hoffman develops aspirin
First Human heart transplant
First successful Blood Transfusion
First successful use of gene therapy
First test-tube baby born in U.K
First use of General Anesthetic
First use of the C.A.T scan
Foundations of surgical pathology, John Hunter
Hales measures blood pressure
Insulin used to treat diabetes
Isolation of Bacillus
James Lind find cure for Scurvy
Leprosy vaccine made
monoclonal antibodies developed
Polio vaccine created, Salk
Protein structure examined
Salvarsan, cure for syphilis
Samuel Hahnemann founds Homeopathy
Santorio studies metabolism
Stethoscope Invented
Structure of D.N.A found
Studies in DNA with x-ray diffraction
Swammerdam observes red blood cells
Use of Antiseptic surgery by J.Lister
W.H.O announces smallpox eradicated
Wilhelm Röntgen discovers X-rays

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