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Alan Shepard, Jr first American in space
Alexei A Leonov made first ever space walk
Apollo 8 first manned mission to orbit the moon
Edward White II makes the first U.S. space walk
First Moon Landing
First untethered space walk
Gemini Project
John Glenn, Jr first American to orbit Earth
N.A.S.A is formed
Russian Krikalev flies on board the U.S. Space S
Shuttle Atlantis rendezvouses with the Russian M
Soviet Luna 10 orbits the moon
Soviet space station Mir is launched
Soviet Union launches Luna 2
Soviet Union launches Sputnik
Soviet Venus 3 impacts Venus
Soviet,Valentina Tereshkova first Women in Space
Soyuz 1crashed, killing Komarov
Space Shuttle Challenger explodes
Space Shuttle Challenger lifts off for its first
Sputnik 3 is launched by the U.S.S.R
STS-1, Columbia, is launched.
The Mercury Project
The Space Race
The third space shuttle, Discovery
U.S drive a moon rover on the lunar surface
U.S. Lunar Orbiter 1 enters the moon's orbit
U.S. Voyager 2 completes its flyby of Saturn
U.S. Voyager 2 flies past Uranus
United States launches its first satellite
United States launches the Skylab Workshop
Vanguard 1 satellite is launched into orbit
Yuri Gagarin first person to orbit the Earth

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