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750 die in London smog
Amoco Cadiz oil spill
Arab oil embargo
Argo Merchant oil spill
Bhopal disaster, 2000 dead,8,000 die later
British Parliament passes Clean Air Act
Buffalo Creek disaster
Chernobyl reactor explodes in Ukraine
Cuyahoga river ignites due to oil and chemical p
Dust Bowl storms
Earth First founded
Earth Summit held in Rio de Janiero
Ecofisk oil well explosion
Exposure of the Tuskegee syphilis study
Exxon Valdez oil spill
First Earth Day
Givaudan chemical explosion
Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior bombed by French
Khargo 5 oil spill Canary Islands
Kyoto Protocol
London - Killer fog kills 600
London Protocols on ozone
London smog kills 1000
Montreal Protocol international agreement
NASA reports ozone layer eroding
Ohio natural gas explosion
Piper Alpha oil platform explosion
Rotterdam Chemical Fire
Sandoz chemical spill Switzerland
Santa Barbara Oil Spill
Sellafield nuclear accident
Tarragona propylene gas explosion Spain
Three Mile Island nuclear power plant partial me
Torrey Canyon oil spill
UN Antarctica treaty
Urquiola oil spill Spain
World Resources Institute founded

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