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Battle of Edgehill
Battle of Marston Moor
Battle of Naseby
Battle of Preston
Battle of Turnham Green
Capture of Bristol
Charles escapes to the Isle of Wight
Charles I surrenders to Scottish forces
Creation of Army Military Districts
Creation of the New Model Army
Cromwell made Lord Protector
Death of Charles II
Death of Oliver Cromwell
First English Civil War
Invasion of England by William III
Irish Rebellion
James II ascends the throne
James is defeated and flees to France
Monmouth's Rebellion
Naval Reform
Parliament passes the Mutiny Act
Parliament renounces its allegience to Charles
Restoration of the Monarchy
Revolt by Parliament
Richard Cromwell as Lord Protector
Scotland joins Parliament against Charles II
Second English Civil War
The Scots invade England
The Scottish give Charles to Parliament
Treaty of Uxbridge
Trial and execution of Charles I
William becomes ruler of England

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