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Army of German mercenaries entered France
Assination of Duc de Guise
Battle of Arques
Death of Cardinal de Bourbon
Death of Charles IX
Death of Duc d'Anjou
Edict of Amboise
Fall of La Charite
Fifth French war of Religion
First French war of Religion
Fourth French war of Religion
French Wars of Religion
Henri IV besieged La Fere
Henri IV entered Paris
Henri laid siege to Paris
King declared war on city of La Rochelle
King of Spain renewed the offensive in the north
League held an Estates-General in Paris
Massacre at Vassy
Popular uprising in Paris
Second French war of Religion
Seige of La Rochelle called off
Seige of Orléans
Seventh French war of Religion
Sixth French war of Religion
Spanish took Amiens
The St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
The Wars of the League
Third French war of Religion
Treaty of Vervins
War of the Three Henries

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