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Marquis of Santa Cruz prepares invasion plan
Armada makes its way to Corunna
Armada sighted approaching coast of cornwall
Battle near Portland Bill
Elizabeth I mobilies the English Fleet
Elizabeth I reviews her troops at Tilbury
English Fleet is reduced in strength
English ships pursue the Armada
English ships sent out to locate the Armada
Lord Admiral Howarjoins Sir Francis Drake
Marquis of Santa Cruz , General of Ocean Sea.
Marquis of Santa Cruz dies
Philip II , instrutions for invasion of England
Philip II considers invading England
Queen of Scots, is executed
Rosario is captured by Sir Francis Drake
San Salvador catches fire and explodes
Sir Franis Drake raids Cadiz
Spanish Armada sets sail from Lisbon
Surviving ships of the Armada reach Spain
The Armada breaks up
The Armada sails towards the Straits of Dover
The Armada sets sail again
The Battle near Plymouth
The Battle near the Isle of Wight
The Battle off Gravelines
The English ships return to Plymouth
Western Squadron gets behind the Spanish Armada

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