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Allied attack across the Chernaya
Allied fleets enter the Black Sea
Allies land unopposed at Kalamata Bay
Armistice in the Crimea
Austria and Prussia declare their neutrality
Battle of Alma
Battle of Balaklava
Bombardment of Sveaborg
British enter Balaklava
British fleet approaches the Dardanelles
British fleet enters the Bosphorus
British naval failure at Petropaulovsk
British troops arrive at Gallipoli
Capture of Kertch and Yenikale
Cavalry skirmishing at Eupatoria
Crimean War
Death of Tsar Nicholas I
Fall of Lord Aberdeen's government
First Russian attack at Kars
Flank march by Allies around Sevastopol
Florence Nightingale arrives in Scutari
France and Britain declare war on Russia
French and British fleets arrive off Kronstadt
French attack on 'White Works' defeated
French magazine at Sebastopol explodes
Lord Palmerston forms new government
Omar Pasha defeats Russians
Paris Peace Conference opens
Ratification of Treaty of Paris
Russian attack at Battle of Chernaya
Russian attack at Kars defeated
Russian attack on Eupatoria
Russian guns bombard Sebastopol
Russian ultimatum to Turkey
Russians attack of 'Little Inkerman'
Russians defeated by Turks at Oltenitza
Russians evacuate Sebastopol
Russians scuttle fleet in Sevastopol
Second Baltic expedition leaves Spithead
Second Russian attack at Kars
Surrender of Kars
The bombardment of Odessa
The first British troops sail for Turkey
The Kingdom of Piedmont joins the Allies
Treaty of Paris signed
Tsar accepts the Austrian demands
Turkey declares war on Russia
Turkish army crosses the Danube River
Turkish naval squadron destroyed at Sinope
Turks win battle of Citate
Vienna conference closes
Vienna conference opens

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