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Archduke Charles victory at Zürich over Masséna
Austrian and Prussian declaration of Pillnitz
Austrian Archduke Charles takes offensive
Austrians defeated at Fleurus
Batavian Republic made peace
Battle of Jemappes
Battle of Valmy
Bonaparte became First Consul
British Naval triumph at Aboukir
Charles William Ferdinand began march on Paris
Custine captured Mainz and advanced on Frankfurt
Custine lost Mainz to the Prussians
Dumouriez advanced on the Austrian Netherlands
Dumouriez, defeated at Neerwinden
Emperor Francis II acceded in Austria
Execution of Louis XVI
First Committee of Public Safety
France declared war on Austria
France declared war on Britain and Holland
France declares war on Spain
France defeated Naples
France occupied Savoy and Nice
France restored Egypt to Ottoman Empire
French made peace with Portugal
French made with Naples
French Revolutionary Wars
French surrender in Egypt
General Suvorov crossed the Alps into Switzerlan
Girondists obtained control of the ministry
Great Britain took Malta
Holland, transformed into the Batavian Republic
Jourdan and Moreau pushed back to Rhine
Moreau demolished allied opposition at Hohenlind
Napoleon crushed the Austrians at Marengo
Naval battle of Copenhagen
Opening of the Scheldt estuary
Prussia agreed on peace
Revolt broke out in the Vendée
Sardinia declared war on France
Second treaty of Basel
Suspension of the king
Suvorov returned to Russia
Treaty of Amiens
Treaty of Campo Formio
Treaty of Campo Formio

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