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American forces attack Fort Erie
American forces occupy Pensacola
American forces sortie from Fort Erie
American forces withdraw from eastern Canada
Americans capture Fort Erie
Baltimore riots
Battle of Chateaugay
Battle of Chippewa
Battle of Enotachopco Creek
Battle of Fort Erie
Battle of Fort George
Battle of Fort Stephenson
Battle of Lake Erie
Battle of Leipzig
Battle of Lundy's Lane
Battle of North Point
Battle of Queenston's Heights
Battle of Sacket's Harbor
Battle of Stoney Creek
Battle of Tallushatchee
Battle of the Thames
Battle of Tippecanoe
Battle of York
British capture Detroit
British forces occupy Pensacola
British Guerriere loses to USS Constitution
British troops are repulsed at Baltimore harbor
Eastern Maine occupied by British forces
Embargo Act
Embargo adopted by the United States
Fort Niagara captured by the British
General Armstrong captured by British
Harrison's army is attacked by the Prophet
James Madison is inaugurated President
Mackinac captured by British
Massacre at Fort Dearborn
Peace on basis of uti possidetis
Preliminary battles at New Orleans
Raisin River Massacre
Second Enemy Trade Law
Star Spangled Banner is written
The British drop the uti possidetis
Treaty of Fort Jackson
U.S. burn Toronto
U.S. victory at the Battle of Thames
USS Chesapeake refuses to be boarded
War of 1812
War of 1812 ends
Washington, DC burned by British forces.

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