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26 Bombs by the IRA on Belfast
26 Southern counties become Irish Free State
All Party Peace Talks
Anglo Irish Treaty
Anglo-Irish Agreement
Battle of the Bogside (Derry)
Bishopsgate bomb
Bloody Sunday
British Army arrives
British government ends internment
British government introduce internment
Burning of Cork by Auxiliaries
Civil Rights March
Civil War, Free State army and IRA.
Constitution of Eire
Death of Bobby Sands
Direst Rule introduced
Dirty Protest
Easter Rising, Dublin
Eksund--Libyan arms
Emergance of the Provisionals
First steps in decommissioning terrorist weapons
General Elections in Ireland
Good Friday Agreement
Hunger Strike
Hunger Strike led by Bobby Sands
IRA begin decommissioning
IRA campaign in North
IRA cessation
Ireland leaves Commonwealth
Joint Declaration on Northern Ireland
Killing of Two British Soldiers
Murders by the Loyalist Bolunteer Force
New inquiry in to Bloody Sunday
Northern Ireland (Emergency Provision) Act
Omagh Bombing
Protestant riot in Belfast
Repeal of External Relations Act
Rioting breaks out
SDLP and Sinn Fein Talks
Shankhill bomb
Split developes in the IRA
Ulster Volunteer Force and Sinn Fein ,legal
War of Independence

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