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1000th day of the siege of Sarajevo
Bihac falls to Serbs
Bosnian army launches offensive in the northeast
Bosnian Civil War
Bosnian Serbs overrun Srebrenica
Croatia and Slovenia declare their independence
Croatia launches an offensive against Krajina
Croatian army captures the Serb enclave
Croats retake the rest of the Krijina
European Community recognizes independence of Bo
Fighting renews after cease-fire
Krajina Serbs launch a rocket attack on Zagreb
NATO air strikes protect Bihac from Srpska Kriji
NATO assaults Bosnian Serb targets
NATO begins combat patrols over Bosnia
NATO offers close air support to U.N. troops
NSTO warplanes strike Serbs
Peace Agreement
Peace in Bosnia
Peace talks are launched
Rebel Serbs declare independence
Serb shells hit Sarajevo, 37 killed
Serb snipers fire on demo in Sarajevo
Serbs accept cease-fire
Serbs agree to move heavy weapons
Serbs lay siege to the capital Sarajevo
Siege of Sarajevo
Srebrenica and Zepa safe areas fall to Serbs
U.N. peacekeepers seized
UN lifts sanctions against Bosnian Serbs
UN sanctions on Serb-led Yugoslavia
War breaks out between Muslims and Croats
West recognizes Bosnia-Herzegovina
Yugoslav army tanks fail to crush Slovenian inde
Yugoslavia, Macedonia sign normalization treaty

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