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Abd-al-Aziz is proclaimed King, Saudi Arabia
Britain's mandate over Transjordan ends
British relinquish the Palestine Mandate
British-French offense in Suez
Declaration of Principles
First Arab nationalist congress
Gulf War
Iran Islamic Revolution
Iran-Iraq War
Iraq becomes an independent state
Iraq is placed under British mandate
Iraqi Kurd Uprising
Islamic Republic of Iran is proclaimed
Israel formally annexes the Golan Heights
Israeli attack on Iraqi Nuclear Reactor
Israeli Raid on Beirut
Isreali Invasion of Lebanon
Jordan annexes West Bank
Jordan Civil War
King Hussein recognizes PLO
Lebanon Civil Conflict
Lebanon's Civil War
Operation Desert Fox
Persia becomes Iran
Saudi and Iran sign major security accord
Saudi Arabia leads an oil boycott
Saudi attacks Iraq
Six Days War
Taleban admits killing eight Iranian diplomats
U.S calls for unrestricted Jewish immigration
Washington Declaration
World War Two
Yasser Arafat head of P.L.O
Yom Kippur War
Iran-Iraq War
Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Six Days War
Yom Kippur War

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