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All-Russian Congress of Soviets constitution
Stalin, and Zinoviev lead the country
Admiral Kolchak becomes Supreme Ruler of Siberia
Blok writes Dvenadtsat and Skify
Brest-Litovsk Treaty is signed
British and Japanese land in Vladivostok
British troops land in Batum
Central Committee opposes Proletkul't
Cheka is established to deter looting
Comintern is founded
Denationalization is begun
Denikin leads the Don Cossacks to Orel
Fania Kaplan attempts to kill Lenin
Foreign trade monopoly is instituted by the gove
French withdraw from Odessa
Furmanov writes Krasnyi desant
General Denikin war in the Ukraine and Caucasus
General Iudenich attacks Petrograd
General Iudenich moves from Estonia to Petrograd
General Krasnov attacks Pulkovo Heights
Gregorian Calendar is adopted
Gumilev is executed
Gumilev writes Koster
Iudenich begins an offensive in the south
Khlebnikov dies
Khodasevich and Tvetaeva emigrate
Kolchak falls in Siberia
Kolchak is executed
Lenin writes his Testament
Lenin's first stroke
Maiakovskii writes Levyi marsh and Misteriia-buf
Murder of Nicholas II and the Royal Family
Russian Civil War ends
Russian Civil War
Russian Famine begins
Russian Large-scale industry is nationalized
Russian women gain equality
Socialist Revolutionaries capture Kazan
The Kronstadt Revolt takes place
The Poles occupy Kiev
The Red Army is created
The Scissors crisis takes place
The triumvirate of Kamenev
Treaty of Rapallo with Germany
Uprising of the Czech Brigade
US, British and French troops are withdrawn
VAPP is founded
Vrangel takes the initiative in the Crimea
Vrangel''s campaign fails
Zamiatin writes My
Zamiatin writes Ostrovitiane

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