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Aragon is invaded by the nationalists
Barcelona is captured by the nationalists
Barcelona suffers heavy bombing from italian air
Barrio (Republican Union) becomes Prime Minister
Decree militarising the militias
Ebro offensive is halted
Fall of Giral government
Formation of Popular Front proposed by PCE
Franco demands unconditional surrender
Gijon is captured by the nationalists
Government dominated by Communists
Government flees Madrid for Valencia
Guernica is caputred by the nationalists
Guernica is destroyed by german bombings
Largo Caballero (Socialist Party) forms new gov.
Largo Caballero resigns as Prime Minister
Madrid is captured by the nationalists
Malaga is captured by the nationalists
Manuel Azana resigns as president
Military uprising begins in Morocco
Nationalist forces invades Catalonia.
Nationalist forces reach Catalan border
Nationalist forces reach the Mediterranean coast
Popular Front government elected in France
Popular Front pact signed by the Republicans
Popular Front wins election
Republican army surrenders
Republican forces launches the Ebro offensive
Republican government is moved to Barcelona.
Spanish Civil War is over.
Start of the Spanish Civil War
Street-fighting brakes out in Barcelona
Tarragona is captured by the nationalists
Teruel is captured by the nationalists
Teruel is captured by the republicans
UK and France recognizes the Franco regime
Uprising defeated in Barcelona
Uprising defeated in Madrid
USA outlaws export of weapons to Spain
Valencia is captured by the nationalists
Vatican recognizes the Franco regime

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