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Archidamian War
Argive War
Assyrian Wars
Bactrian-Syrian War
Battle of Carchemish
Carthaginian-Syracusan War
Celtiberian Wars
Chremonidean War
Corinthian War
Corinthian-Corcyrean War
Damascene War
First Dionysius War
First Messenian War
First Mithridatic War
First Parthian War
First Punic War
Lelantine War
Peloponnesian War
Persian Civil War
Persian Wars
Roman-Armenian War
Second Macedonian War
Second Messenian War
Second Punic War
Seleucid War with Rome
Third Macedonian War
Third Punic War
Wars of the Daidochi
Wars of the Second Triumvirate
Peloponnesian Wars
Persian Wars
Punic Wars

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