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Alkibiades assassinated in Phrygia
Alkibiades campaigning in Ionian Islands
Alkibiades deposed
Alkibiades goes to Persians
Alkibiades recovers Byzantium
Alkibiades rescues Sokrates during the retreat
Alkibiades victorious in the Aegean
Alliance with Argos engineered by Alkibiades
Assault on Amphipolis
Athenians defeated by the Thebans
Athens re-enters the war
Autolykos murdered
Battle of Delium
Battle of Notium
Capture of Piraeus and Battle of Munychia
Counter-revolution in Athens
Cyrus killed in war of succession against Artaxe
Death of King Agis
Death of Perikles
Dekeleia seized and fortified by the Spartans
Demosthenes' victory at Pylos
Fall of Mitylene
Isthmian Game held and Athenians invited
Judicial murder of Eleusians
King Pausanias of Sparta intervenes
Kritias denounces Theramenes
Lysander deposed
Lysander in command of Spartan fleet
Melos reduced and captured by Athenians
Mykalessos in Boeotia seized by Thracians
Olympic Games held
One year's truce
Plato and other friends withdraw to Megara
Preparations for Sicilian Expedition
Reinforcements sent to Sicily under Demosthenes
Reprieve of the Lesbians
Retreat of Athenian army
Revolution in Samos crushed with help of Alkibia
Siege of Athens
Siege of Athens begun
Spartans in Attica
Spartans invade Attica
Subversion of democracy in Athens
The Four Hundred oligarchs overthrown
The Peace of Nikias
The restored democracy recalls Alkibiades
Xenophon in exile

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