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Edward, king of England and France
Accession of Edward IV as king of England
Battle at Fresnay
Battle of Castillon
Battle of Crécy
Battle of Eymet
Battle of Formigny
Battle of Les-Espagnols-sur-Mer
Battle of Monargis
Battle of Mons-en-Vimeu
Battle of Navarete
Battle of Poitiers
Battle of Roosebeke
Battle of St-Jacques
Battle of the Herrings
Black Prince returned to England
Bordeaux surrendered
Bordeaux's final submission to Charles VII
cabochienne uprisings in Paris
Caen captured
Capture of Calais
Charles VII captured St.-Sever, Dax, and La Réol
Charles VII entered Paris
Charles VII, king of France at Rheims
Cherbourg was taken
Death of Charles V
Death of du Guesclin
Death of Philippe VI
Death of the Jean III
Dunois's army defeated Bedford's English force
Edward defeated the French fleet at Sluys
Edward encouraged to claim french throne
Edward III's first campaign in France
English attacks on the Breton fortress of Fougèr
English defeated at Patay
English defeated dauphin's forces at Verneuil
English defeated the dauphin's forces at Cravant
English invested Orléans
Enrique defeated Pedro at Montiel
Fall of Pontoise to French
Francs-archers were formed
French army captured Creil and Conflans
French assisted Scottish invasion of England
French attacked English possessions in Calais
French attacked English possessions in France
French attacked English possessions in Vienne
French besieged Pontoise
French captured Talbot
French forces secured the upper Seine
Henry V became king of England
Henry V died
Henry VI's army was defeated at Towton
Jean II of France made prisoner of the English
Jean II was released from English captivity
Jean IV, comte d'Armagnac was banished
Jeanne d'Arc relieved Orléans
Jeanne was burnt at the stake in Rouen
Jeanne was captured by Burgundians
King Jean II returned to London
Marriage of Richard II to Isabella of France
Richemont recovered Paris
Routiers defeated a royal army at Brignais
Siege of Orléans
Talbot continued to counter French in Normandy
Talbot killed outside Castillon
Talbot managed to recapture Harfleur
The Black Prince sacked Limoges
The Grand Companies ravaged French countryside
The Treaty of Troyes
Treaty of Arras
Truce of Leulinghen
Truce of Tours suspended
Battles of the Hundred Years War

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