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Alfred 'the Great' is born
Aefsige: Becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
Aethelstan defeats the Vikings
Aethelstan: Becomes overlord King
Aldred founds Monastery at Gloucester
Alfred 'The Great' becomes king of Wessex
Alfred goes to Rome
Anglo-Saxon victory at Deorham
Athelgar: Becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
Aurelius Ambrosius joins the Roman senate.
Battle of Camlann
Battle of Edington
Battle of Hastings
Battle of Wippedesfleot
Begginings of Pelagian heresy
British resistance to Saxons
Civil war and plague ravage Britain
Consecration of Peterborough Abbey
Danes attack East Anglia
Danes impose a king on Northumbria
Danish army take north-eastern third of England
Danish invasion defeated
Eadred: Becomes King of Wessex
Edward becomes king
Edward the Confessor
Edward the Confessor dies
Edwin of Northumbria converts
Ethelbald becomes King of Wessex
Foundation of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom
Harold II Godwinson is crowned King of England
Harold killed in Battle of Hastings
Increasing Saxon settlement in Britain
Increasing Saxon unrest
King Cuthwulf of Wessex invades Midland Britain
King of Wessex converted by Bishop Birinius
London surrenders to the Danes
Mass migration of British upper class to Armoric
More Danes arrive in Britain
Murder of Edward the Martyr
Norman Conquest of Britain
Northern British Alliance
Revolt in Northumbria
Rollo founds the Norman Dynasty
Roman Christianity established in Northumbria
Roman Re-occupation
Seige of Mount Badon
Settlement of Angles, Jutes and Saxons
The unification of Scotland
Vikings begin their attacks on England
Vikings renew assault on England
Wessex expands its power to rule over Kent
William the Conqueror: Becomes King of England

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