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Act of Union between Scotland and England
Agricultural Revolution
All Canada passes to Britain
American War of Independence
Britain repealed the Stamp Act
Britain seized control of the Falkland Islands
British Museum was created
British Parliament passed the Tea Act
Canal Act is passed by the British Parliament
Cholera epidemic in Britain
Cook murdered in Hawaii
Cook's voyage to Australia and NZ
Crucible steelmaking is discovered
Edmund Cartwright patents a power loom
Factory Act, British
Famine kills 10 million in Bengal
First passanger train
Freemasons were founded in London
George I of England was crowned
George II
George III
George III insane
George IV
Gordon riots in London
Great Northern War
Health and Morals Act
In Derby, first textile factory
Jacobite Rebellion
James Hargreaves invents the spinning jenny
Luddite Riots begin
Napoleon Bonaparte surrendered to the British
Napoleonic Wars
Newfoundland became a British colony
Parliament passed the Municipal Corporations Act
Parliament passes the East India Act
Peace of Versailles
Peninsular War
Reform Act, Britain
Reign of George I
Riot Act went into effect in England
Scotland Yard created
Seven Year War
Sir Robert Clive
Slavery was outlawed in England
South Australia becomes a province
Stockton to Darlington Railway is opened
The Treaty of Paris
Thomas Newcommon develops the first steam engine
Vaccination against smallpox
War of 1812
War of Austrian Succession
War of Jenkin's Ear
William IV

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