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A. Eden, Conservatives
Berlin Wall falls
Bosnian Civil War
Britain joins the EEC
British relinquish the Palestine Mandate
British troops landed in Kuwait
British-French offense in Suez
C. Attlee, Labour
Cold War
Concordes' maiden flight
Coronation of Elizabeth II
Death of Princes Diana
E. Heath, Conservatives
Eden and Macmillan, Conservatives
England won the World Cup
Falklands War
Festival of Britain
Gulf War
H. Macmillan, Conservatives
H. Wilson, Labour
J. Major, Conservatives
Korean War
Kosovo air war begins
Live Aid
Lockerbie disaster
M. Thatcher, Conservatives
Margaret Thatcher becomes 1st P.M, U.K.
Minority Government
Outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease
Reign of George VI
SAS storm Iranian Embassy
Six Days War
Tony Blair, Labour
Wilson and Callaghan, Labour
World War Two
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