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The First Crusade
A castle at Norwich is begun
Abbey Church at Gloucester dedicated
Alexander I becomes king of the Scots
Baldwin I: Becomes king of Jerusalem
Baron's war
Battle Abbey Consecrated
Battle of Alnwick
Battle of Hastings
Benedictines take over at Chester.
Chepstow Castle begun
Construction begins on Exeter Castle
Council of Clermont
Council of Salisbury
Danish fought off at Sandwich
Domesday Book
Ely Cathedral: Building begins
English raiders attacked the Irish town
Establishment of trial by jury
Exeter falls to William
Fifth Crusade
Fire destroys Peterborough Abbey
Fourth Crusade
Geoffrey, son of Henry II dies in a tournament
Henry becomes Duke of Normandy
Henry captures castle at Bridgenorth
Henry I succeeds
Henry I: Marries Matilda
Henry II dies
Henry invades England
John is crowned Duke of Normandy
King Henry III Crowned
King John attacks Berwick
King John dies
Kings John fights rebels in East Anglia
Massacre of Jews at York
Papal Bull by Pope Innocent II
Peter the Hermit's Crusade
Pevensey Castle siege
Richard I Crowned King
Robert II: Attempts to take the Crown
Scotland: Unity restored under David I
Solar Eclipse
The Magna Carta
The Second Crusade
The Third Crusade
Trade guilds were noted in England
William II (Rufus): Crowned at Westminster
William II (Rufus): Killed while hunting
William returns to Normandy
William the Conqueror: Becomes King of England
William the Conqueror: Dies

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