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Agricola defeats the Ordovices and-Brigantes
Agricola subdues north Wales
Antonine wall is built
Boudicca leads a revolt against the Romans
Britain becomes independent
Britannia Superior and Britannia Inferior
British troops elect Constantine III as Emperor
British troops stay to fight in Italy
Britons expel Roman officials
Caesar's first invasion of Britain
Caesar's second Invasion
Caradoc mounted guerrilla campaign against Roman
Caratacus's forces defeated and himself captured
Christian church hierarchy
Christianity reaches Britain
Christians are persecuted in Britain
Civil war and famine in Britain
Clodius Albinus governor of Britain
Constantine finally achieves full control
Constantine III drives the Germans from Gaul
Constantius recovers Britain
Construction of Hadrian's Wall
Edict of Milan, religious persecution ends
Emperor Constantius dies at York
Foundation of St Albans as a municipium
Highlands of Scotland abandoned
Irish Scots raid and settle in Wales
Joseph of Arimathea's mission to Glastonbury
London founded
Magnus Maximus is made emperor in Britain
Maximus is defeated and killed in Italy
Peace in Britain
Queen of the Iceni burned Roman London
Roman army in Britain mutinies
Roman empire is divided into east and west
Roman Invasion
Roman occupation extended to the Severn and Wash
Romanisation of Britain
Romans abandon London
Romans abandoned Scotish lowlands
Romans suppressed the Brigantes revolt
Rome falls to the Goths
Rome's conquest of Britain is complete
Saxons raid Britain
Saxons raids increase
Scottish tribes cross Hadrian's Wall
Severus kills Clodius
Severus repairs Hadrian's Wall
Stilicho withdraws troops from Britain
Suetonius Paulinus campaigns in South Wales
Suetonius Paulinus captures Anglesey
Tribes south of Fosse way disarmed

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