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Bermuda Islands became an English colony
Bishops' War
Britain passed its first copyright act
British Parliament adopted the Bill of Rights
Charles I
Charles I was crowned King of England
Charles II
Chemical lighters came out in London
Cromwell dissolves Parliament
England passed the Act of Grace
Fire of London was extinguished
First Anglo-Dutch War
First English Civil War
Founding of Royal Society of London
George I of England got divorced
Glorious Revolution
Great Fire of London
Great Plague in London
Guy Fawkes, convicted
James I
James I dissolves the Addled Parliament
James II
King James' Bible
Lady Godiva rode naked through Coventry
Lapse of the Licensing Act
Oliver Cromwell
Pilgrims sailed from England on the Mayflower
Queen Mary II of England died
Reign of Queen Anne
Restoration of Stuart Monarchy
Second Anglo-Dutch War
Second English Civil War
Secret Treaty of Dover
Sir Walter Raleigh was executed
The first Parliament of Great Britain met
The Gunpowder Plot
Third Anglo-Dutch War
Uniformity Act of England
William of Orange and Mary Stuart
William Shakespeare's tragedy Othello

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