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First Home Rule Bill
Albert dies from typhoid fever
Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone.
Anglo-Zulu Wars
Anti-Corn law
Benjamin Disraeli is Prime Minister
Britain annexes the Fiji Islands
Britain declares war on Persia
Britain establishes a protectorate over Egypt
Britain takes Zimbabwe
British humor magazine Punch was first published
British industrial production doubles
British Parliament rejects Irish home rule
Charles Darwin publishes Origin of the Species
Charles Dickens dies
Charles Dickens publishes Great Expectations
Charles Gordon is killed at Khartoum
County Councils formed, Britain
Crimean War
Crystal Palace was built
Disraeli buys Suez Canal Shares
First Anglo-Afghan War
First Boer War
First Opium War
First subway system opens in London
Great City Fire in London
India revolts against British rule
Jack the Ripper murders
Oscar Wilde is sent to jail for homosexuality
Phoenix park murders
Queen Victoria is crowned Empress of India
Queen Victorian dies
Red Cross founded
Reign of Queen Victoria
Repeal of the Corn Law in Britain
Rudolf Diesel patents the diesel engine
Second Anglo-Afghan War
Second Boer War
Second Opium War (Arrow War)
The Great Exhibition in England
The Labour Party is established
The London-Paris telephone connection opened
The second Married Women's Property Act
Third Anglo-Burmese War
Trans-Atlantic telegraph cable is laid
William Booth founded the Salvation Army
William Gladstone is Prime Minister.

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