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A major earthquake strikes Iran
Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani, President
Anglo-Russian occupation
Bill to attract foreign investment
Exiled Shah dies of cancer in Egypt
Inauguration of the Sixth parliament, Iran
Iran and Iraq resume diplomatic relations
Iran and Saudi Arabia, security accord
Iran condemns U.S. military strikes
Iran-Iraq War
Islamic fundamentalist returns to Iran
Islamic Republic of Iran is proclaimed
Martial law
Oil industry nationalised
Pahlavi era
Persia becomes Iran
President Khatami re-elected
President Khatami re-elected, Iran
Reformist papers banned
Reza Khan becomes prime minister, Persia
Reza Khan is crowned
Reza Khan seizes power
Shah and his family forced into exile, Iran
Shah overthrows Mossadeq
Taleban admits killing eight Iranian diplomats
Taliban frees five Iranian truck drivers
Taliban says it will hit Iranian cities
Tehran University hold a demonstration
White Revolution, Reforms in Iran
Ancient Persia
Parthian Empire
Sassanid Dynasty
Safavid Dynasty

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