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A no-fly zone established in southern Iraq
Anglo-Iraqi Treaty is signed
Anglo-Iraqi Treaty ratiffied
Anglo-Iraqi Treaty.
Attempted assassination of G. Bush, in Kuwait
Baghdad Pact
Bombing raids on targets close to Baghdad
British move their troops into Iraq
Faysal, first king
Gulf War
Hashemite monarchy is overthrown
Iran-Iraq War
Iraq attmept to annex Kuwait, Fail.
Iraq becomes an independent state
Iraq declares war on the Axis powers
Iraq grants limited autonomy to the Kurds
Iraq halts its oil exports
Iraq invades Kuwait
Iraq is placed under British mandate
Iraq joins the League of Nations
Iraq nationalizes the Iraq Petroleum Company
Iraq's first trade union
Iraqi Communist Party founded
Iraqi forces suppress rebellions
Iraqi launch an offensive, capture of Arbil
King Faisal I dies
King Ghazi dies
League for the Defense of Women's Rights
National Service Law is installed
Oil is found near Kirkuk
Operation Desert Fox
Operation Desert Storm begins
President Aref dies in a helicopter crash
Protests occur against Anglo-Iraqi treaty
Qasim is ousted in a coup
Reopening of Baghdad airport
Saddam flees to Syria
Saddam Hussein becomes prime minister
Saddam Hussein is born
Saddam Hussein wins a referendum
Saddam purchases the Osiraq research reactor
Shi'ite Kurds are expelled to Iran
Six Days War
Spiritual leader of Shi'i sect, assassinated
Treaty of Friendship, Iraq and USSR
UN staff are evacuated from Baghdad
US extends southern no-fly zone
US forces launch attack on Iraqi intelligence
World War One
World War Two

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