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Abd-al-Aziz is proclaimed King of the Hijaz
Abd-al-Aziz is proclaimed King, Saudi Arabia
Abd-al-Aziz takes the title Sultan of Najd
Al Sa'ud family are exiled to Kuwait
Consultative Council inaugurated, Saudi Arabia
Extremists seize the Grand Mosque of Mecca
Ikhwan turn against Abd-al-Aziz
King Abd-al-Aziz dies, Saudi Arabia
King Faysal is assassinated by his nephew
King Sa'ud is deposed by his brother
Oil is discovered, Saudi Arabia
Ottomans take control of the province of Hasa
Sa'ud, is named Crown Prince, Saudi Arabia
Saudi and Iran sign major security accord
Saudi Arabia condemns the Iraqi invasion of Kuwa
Saudi Arabia is a founder member of the GCC
Saudi Arabia is a founding member of OPEC
Saudi Arabia leads an oil boycott
Saudi Arabia severs diplomatic relations with Eg
Saudi attacks Iraq
The Ikhwan (Brotherhood) is founded
The OIC founded in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia

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