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American War of Independence
Board of Trade established in England
Britain opens slave trade to all its merchants
British troops occupy Boston
Carolina separated into North and South
Charles Navigation Acts
Columbis meets the Tainto Indians
Cromwells Navigation Act
Delaware separates from Pennsylvania
England passes the Staple Act
English Commonwealth
English found Jamestown.
First Africans brought to Virginia
Florida a refuge for escaped slaves
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut drafted.
Glorious Revolution in England
Harvard College established in Cambridge
Huguenot colony
Leisler's rebellion in New York
Molasses Act passed by Parliament
New Amsterdam established by Dutch
New Netherlands colony founded
New Orleans founded by the French
Pilgrim emigration. Plymouth founded
Pilgrims sailed from England on the Mayflower
Royal African Company organized.
Santa Fe New Mexico established
Seven Year War
Sir Francis Drake goes to Panama
Sir Walter Raleigh lands on Roanoke Island
Smallpox introduced to the Americas
South Carolina established.
Tobacco introduced to Europe
Tuscarora War in Carolina.
Universities founded in Mexico City and Lima
Virginia becomes a royal colony
Virginia law makes slavery hereditary
Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions
Witchcraft crisis in Salem
Yamasee War in Carolinas.

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