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Act of Union is passed by Britain
Alien and Sedition Act is signed
American Civil War
American Constitution ratified
American Dictionary is published by Webster
American War of Independence
Americans in Texas demand independence
Andrew Jackson begins his presidency
Bank of the United States created
Bill of Rights ratified by the states
Black Hawk Wars
Bureau of Indian Affairs is organized
Canadian Jay Treaty
Capital moves from Philadelphia to Washington
Cherokee written language developed
Congress passes the Indian Removal Act
Congress passes Whiskey Tax
Congress submits the Bill of Rights
Delaware Indians massacred in Ohio
Department of the Navy is established
First Seminole war
Four Trade and Intercourse Acts, America
Fugitive Slave Law is signed into law
George Washington begins his second term
Importation of slaves becomes illegal
Indiana becomes the 19th states in the Union
Iroquois Indians and British attack Americans
Jackson signs the Tariff of 1832
John Adams is elected president
Judiciary Act is signed, America
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions are adopted
Kentucky is admitted to the Union
Kickapoo Resistance, America
League of Armed Neutrality is established
Little Turtle's War
Louisiana admitted to the Union
Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Territory Act
Mexican-American War
Mexico bans American immigration to Texas
Missouri admitted to the Union
Mormon Church is founded by Joseph Smith
New Neutralization Act is signed
NY Stock Exchange is organized
Pinckney's Treaty is signed
Shay's Rebellion
Smallpox and measles among Indians in Texas
Spain retrocedes Louisiana to France
Spain signs the Nootka Convention
Tennessee is admitted to the Union
Texas joins the Union
Treaty between United States and Delaware Indian
Treaty of Fort Wayne
Treaty of Greenville is signed
U.S. annexes West Florida
U.S. Marine Corps is created
University of Virginia is founded
Washington announces a Proclamation of Neutralit
Washington inaugurated President

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