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14th Amendment ratified
Abraham Lincoln assassinated
Alaska Purchased
American Federation of Labor is organized
Andrew Johnson acquitted by the Senate
Andrew Johnson dies
Andrew Johnson issues his Amnesty Proclamation
Anti-Imperialist League established
Battle of the Little Big Horn
Battle of Wounded Knee
Chinese Exclusion Act passed
Civil Rights Act
Civil Rights Act is passed
Cochise and the Apache guerrillas active
Congress establishes a Department of Labor
Crazy Horse assasinated
Dawes Severalty Act is passed by Congress
Desert Land Act is enacted by Congress
Economic Depression
Exodus of the Cheyennes
Fifteenth Amendment is ratified
First Reconstruction Act
Freedman's Bureau
Geronimo and the Apaches
Ghost Dance religion spreads
Great railroad strike, America
Hawaiian Annexation treaty
Ku Klux Klan Act becomes law
Ku Klux Klan founded
New Orleans race riot
Plessy vs. Ferguson.
Populist Party founded
Powder River Invasion
Ratification of 15th Amendment
Red Cloud's War
Riots against the Chinese in Seattle
Spanish-American War
Tenure of Office Act
The War for the Black Hills
The War to Save the Buffalo
Third Reconstruction Act
U.S. acquires a naval base in Pago Pago
U.S. annexes the Midway Islands
Whiskey Ring Scandal is exposed, America
Williams v. Mississippi

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