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100 Days legislation
19th Amendment grants women's suffrage
Bill Clinton, Democrat
Calvin Coolidge, Republican
Cold War
Dwight David Eisenhower, Republican
First Mickey Mouse talking film
Ford Introduces the Model-T
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrat
G.W. Bush, Republican
Georg Walker Bush, Republican
Gerald Ford, Republican
Gulf War
Harry S. Truman, Democrat
Herbert Clark Hoover, Republican
James E. Carter, Democrat
John F. Kennedy, Democrat
Korean War
Kosovo War
Lyndon Johnson, Democrat
Prohibition repealed
Richard Nixon, Republican
Ronald Reagan, Republican
San Francisco Earthquake
Six Days War
Teddy Roosevelt becomes president
The Space Race
Theodore Roosevelt, Republican
U.S. President McKinley Assassinated
Vietnam: Second Indochina War
Wall Street Crash
Warren Gamaliel Harding, Republican
Washington Naval Conference
William Howard Taft, Republican
Woodrow Wilson, Democrat
World War One
World War Two
The Cold War
Recent Terrorist attacks
Race to the Moon

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