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250,000 March on Washington
Aerial nuclear test ban treaty
Alan Shepard, Jr first American in space
American combat troops arrive in Vietnam
Apollo 8 first manned mission to orbit the moon
Bay of Pigs
Berkeley Free Speech Movement
Civil Rights Act passed
Civil Rights March on Washington
Cuban missile crisis
Desegregation crisis at University of Alabama
First Moon Landing
First round of the SALT
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Johnson takes over presidency
Johnson wins presidential election
Johnson withdraws from presidential race
Kennedy meets Khruschev in Vienna
Kennedy visits Berlin
Kennedy wins presidential election
Kennedy-Nixon Debates
Malcolm X assassinated
Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated
Medicare funding begins
Neil Armstrong walks on the moon
Nixon elected for president
Nixon enters White House
Peace Corps established
President Kennedy assinated
Protests at Chicago Democratic Convention
Race riots in Newark and Detroit
Race riots in Watts
SDS Port Huron Statement
Six Days War
The Space Race
U-2 plane shotdown over the USSR
USA and USSR established a hotline connection
USA and USSR sign nuclear testing ban treaty
VISTA established
Woodstock Music Festival
American Civil Rights Movement

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