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Alexander and army cross Hellespont
Alexander crosses the Hindu Kush
Alexander occupies Susa
Alexander reaches Tarsus
Alexander reaches the Indus Valley
Alexander sets out for Ecbatana
Battle of Chaeronea
Battle of Gaugamela
Battle of Granicus
Battle of Issus
Conquest of Greek city-states by Philip
Dardanians invade Macedonia
Fall of Tyre
Gauls invade Macedonia
Gaza captured
King of Macedonia, conquers some Greek states
Macedonia annexed by Rome
Macedonia forced to pay tribute to Rome
Macedonian revolt led by Andriscus
Reorganization of Greek cities in Asia Minor
Revolt of Thebes
Rome and Macedonia sign a non-aggression pact
Rome attacks Macedonia
Rome defeats Macedonia at Pydna
Rome puts down a Macedonian revolt
Siege of Miletus
Siege of Tyre begun
Submission of Byblos and Sidon
War of the Diadochi

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