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Chichén Itzá is abandoned by the Toltecs
City of Tayasal is taken by the Spanish
City of Teotihuacán is founded
Classic Period of Maya history ends
Construction ceases in Tikal
Cortés meets the Itzá people
Development of the Puuc style in Uxmal
Domination of Teotihuacán, Maya
Emperor Pacal dies at the age of 80, Maya
Hernán Cortés begins exploring Yucatán
Itzá abandon Chichén Itzá
Itzá begin building the city of Mayapán
Maya adopt the idea of a hierarchical society
Maya hieroglyphic signs are first catalogued
Maya of Yucatán rise against the government
Mayan Empire
Mayapán becomes the capital of Yucatán
Mexico becomes independent from Spain
Northern Maya cities begin to be abandoned
Rebellion within Mayapán
Ruins of Tikal are discovered
Spanish Crown abolishes the system of encomienda
Spanish establish a capital city at Mérida
Spanish subdue the Maya
Tikal becomes the first great Maya city
Tikal is abandoned.
Tikal, largest city-state in Mesoamérica
Trade between Maya city-states declines
Writing is developed in Mesoamérica
Yucatán Maya rebel
Yucatán Maya rise up against Mexican government

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