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Abraham leaves Ur
Gilgamesh rules Uruk (Erech)
Gutians conquer Sumer-Akkad
king of Ur, first recorded ruler of Sumer
legal texts written by Ur-Nammu, king of Ur
Lugalannemudu of Abab unites city states
Queen Shudu-ad is buried in Royal Graves of Ur
Sargon becomes ruler of Sumer and Akkad
Sargon defeats Lugalzaggisi
Sumer is invaded from the north by Amorites
Sumerian writing evolves into cuneiform
Sumerian writing on clay tablets
Sumerians settle in Mesopotamia
Temple at Tell Uqair
Ur-Nammu founds Ur's 3rd. dynasty
Utuhegal expels the Gutians
Wheel in use in Mesopotamia
White Temple

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