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Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Austria adopt gold standard
Austria annexes Bosnia and Hercegovina
Austria is defeated by Sardinia
Austrian alliance with Germany
Austrian-Hungarian Empire
Battle of Solfernino
Bourgeois-democratic revolution, Budapest
Croatian autonomy over its domestic affairs
Death of Francis Joseph
Empire transformed into Austro-Hungarian Monarch
Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria
Francis Joseph, King of Hungary
Hungarian Soviet Republic proclaimed
Istvan Tisza again Prime Minister
Istvan Tisza as Prime Minister
Kalman Tisza as Prime Minister
Karl abdicated the Austrian kingdom
Karl abdicated the Hungarian kingdom
Karl I exiled to Madeira
Karl I, the last Emperor
Peace treaty signed with Russia
Prussia & Austria defeat Denmark
Prussians battle Austrians at Gablentz
Revolution in Austrian Empire
The First Balkan War
The Second Balkan War
Treaty of Berlin
Treaty of Prague
Treaty of Versailles
United States declares war on Austria
Vienna World Exposition
World War One

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