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Anglo-Zulu Wars
Australian Colonies Act
Britain annexes the Fiji Islands
Britain seized control of the Falkland Islands
British Crown takes over the Indian Government
British East Africa Co. charter awarded
British South Africa Co. Charter
British West Africa
Canada becomes a Dominion
Crimean War
Disraeli buys Suez Canal Shares
East India Company dissolved
Falklands annexed by Britain
First Anglo-Afghan War
First Indian War of Independence
First Opium War
Gough annexes Punjab
India revolts against British rule
Indian National Congress is formed
Newfoundland became a British colony
Queen Victoria is named Empress of India
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
Raffles founds Singapore
Rebellions in Canada and New Zealand
Reign of Queen Victoria
Second Anglo-Afghan War
Second Anglo-Maratha War
Second Opium War (Arrow War)
Seizure of Cape Colony
Sind conquered
South Australia becomes a province
The First Burmese war
Vancouver and British Columbia join Canada
War of 1812
Western Australia founded

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