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Aden independence
Arab rebellion in Egypt
Australia becomes a Dominion
Britain takes Sokoto
British East Africa becomes Kenya
British protectorates in Nigeria
British-French offense in Suez
Brunei Independent
China given back Hong Kong
Cyprus joins Commonwealth
Dominica Independent
Dominion status to South Africa
Egypt becomes British Protectorate
Egyptian Independence
Fiji and Tongan Independence
First Empire or Commonwealth Games
Harare Commonwealth Declaration
Independence for Botswana, Gambia and Lesotho
Independence for Kenya and Zanzibar
Independence for Papua New Guinea
Independence of Grenada
Indian Independence
Indian Nat. Movement
Iraq under British control
Irish Free State
New Zealand tuns into a Dominion
North Borneo becomes a colony
Palestine becomes British mandate
Republic of Ireland leaves Commonwealth
Second Boer War
South Africa leaves Commonwealth
South Africa rejoins the Commonwealth
Statute of Westminster
Swaziland and Mauritius achieve independence
Third Anglo-Afghan War
Transjordan becomes independent
Troops leave Sudan and Egypt
Troops take Syria and Palestine
Union of South Africa is formed
World War One
World War Two
Zimbabwean Independence

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