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The First Crusade
Adrianople falls to the Bulgarian czar
Byzantine army invades Armenia
Council of Constantinople
Cyprus recovered
Death of the Empress Theodora
Fall of Constantinople
Fall of Jerusalem
Fifth Crusade
Fourth Crusade
Great Plague of constantinople
Hungarians invade the Empire
Icons are restored to Orthodox worship
Independence of Serbia
Independence of Venice
Kievan Russ adopts Orthodoxy
Lombards invade Italy
Monophysitism is declared unorthodox
Muslims conquer Byzantine North Africa
Muslims lay siege to Constantinople
Order of Knights Hospitaler of St. John
Order of the Knights of the Temple
Ottomans capture Athens
Pisa conquers Sardinia from the Arabs
Reconquest of Italy from the Goths
Reconquest of North Africa from the Vandals
Reign of Basil the Bulgar-Slayer
Reign of Prince Vladimir of Kiev
Robert Guiscard defeats the Byzantine forces
South Slavs are converted to Orthodoxy
Storming of Thessalonika
Syria and palestine are subdued
Syria is incorporated into the Byzantine Empire
Syria, Palestine and Egypt conquered by Muslims
Teutonic Order
The Byzantine armies overrun Macedonia
The Second Crusade
The Sixth Crusade
The Third Crusade
Turks defeat Byzantines at the Battle of Manzike

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