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A Terra Cotta Army is Built
Buddhism is introduced to China
Burning of the Books, China
Ch'ang-an is made the capital, China
Ch'ao Hsien (Korea) conquered
Construction of the Great Wall, China
First Grand Canal is built, China
Former Han Dynasty
Fung Fu-tse
Great Wall is extended to the Jade Gate.
Han empire split into the Three Kingdoms
Hsiung-Nu submit to Chinese authority
Imperial Library is destroyed, China
Kongfuzi (Confucious) is born
Later Han Dynasty
Later Zhou
Ming Dynasty
Northern Song Dynasty
Paper is introduced at court, China
Pei Chou unify Northern China
Qin Dynasty
Qin ruler adopts Legalism, China
Qing (Manchu) Dynasty
Shang Dynasty
Southern Song Dynasty
Sui Dynasty
Tang Dynasty
Three Kingdoms
Tsin Dynasty
Xai Dynasty
Yu establishes first Chinese dynasty
Yuan Dynasty
Zhou Dynasty
Northern song
Qing (Ch'ing) (Manchu)

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