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Charlemagne attacks the Saxons
Charlemagne conquers the Avars
Charlemagne Empire
Charlemagne is crowned Holy Roman Emperor
Charles IV
Charles V
Charles V sacks Rome
Charles VI
Concordat of Worms
Creation of a Federal System
Declaration of Rense
Diet's Recess
Empire Deconstructed
Engelbert of Admont
Executive Commitee established, Reichsregiment
Francis I
Francis Stephen
Frankish Empire united
Frederick II the Marvellous
French troops invade Austria
Golden Bull
Habsburg Rule
Henry III
Hohenstaufen Rule
Holy Roman Empire
Hungarian rebellion
Joseph I
Joseph II
Leopold I
Lorraine Habsburg Rule
Luxembourg Rule
Maria Theresa
Martin Luther
Napoleonic Wars
Otto I of Germany crowned King of the Romans
Pope Innocent IV independence from Empire
Salian Rule
Saxon Rule
Saxons crushed
Seven Year War
Supplinburg Rule
The Catholic Reformation
The Council of Trent.
The Lutheran Reformation
The Peace of Augsburg
Thirty Years War
Treaty of Westphalia
War of Spanish Succession
Welf Rule
Wtitelbach Rule

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